This is the tale of a house, deep in the Louisiana woods…

. . . where old-fashioned and respectful courtship is not dead. The House of Gentle Men is a sanctuary where women can receive the kind of love all women dream about. And all they have to do is bring four dollars for a tip and never reveal what they see.

In The House of Gentle Men, a first novel by Kathy Hepinstall set in 1948, a nostalgic view of romance and relationships intersects with a sixteen-year-old girl’s violation at the hands of three soldiers.

Years after this horrible crime, the damaged and silent young woman –Charlotte– comes to a sanctuary in the woods, where a staff of “Gentle Men” awaits her.

Haunted by her faceless attackers, Charlotte cannot believe that “Gentle Men” exist. So it is with a leap of faith that she chooses as her “date” a haunted soldier named Justin, who, unbeknownst to her, has a terrible secret of his own. Early one afternoon, long ago, he and two of his friends came upon a sixteen-year-old girl deep in the forest…

Author Kathy Hepinstall spent most of her childhood in Spring, Texas, two hours from the Louisiana border, where most of her relatives still reside. She believes that many women harbor a secret nostalgia for the days when love was respectful, courteous, gentle and kind.

The House of Gentle Men has been chosen an Alternate Selection of the Literary Guild of America.

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